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Taken from the Arabic word ‘at-tannur’ and the Hebrew ‘tanur’ the word Athanor first appeared in writings in the Middle Ages. Alchemists thus called a cooking suite conceived so as to generate constant and equal heat over a prolonged period of time. 

As a conceiver and manufacture for personalised cooking suites, Athanor prides itself on a reputation of combining quality and precision of manufacturing. With some 70 years experience the Athanor team continues a long tradition in the search for perfection combined with a vision for innovation.

Being in constant contact with the gastronomic restaurant industry, Athanor analayse this market and its constant developments and changing food styles to adapt and develop a product to the specific needs and expectations of each of our clients.

Athanor prides itself on a philosophy of conceiving and developing products within its own factory in France, which are developed in conjunction with leading chefs, both young and old, aspiring and famed. 



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Un nouvel écrin pour Athanor

Pour mieux vous accueillir, accompagner notre développement et faciliter l'innovation, Athanor déménage et s'agrandit... Une nouvelle usine et de nouveaux équipements pour vous offrir le meilleur.

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L'Auberge du Père Bise s'est fait un lifting....

Jean Sulpice et son épouse Magali ont repris les commandes de la mythique Auberge du Père Bise dotée d'un restaurant gastronomique où les saveurs du lac, de la montagne et des producteurs locaux sont sublimées.

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Les sources de Caudalie

Au coeur des grands crus du vignoble bordelais l'hotel /restaurant/spa des sources de caudalie vous ouvre ses portes.

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La Table du 11

Un nouvel écrin pour Jean-Baptiste et sa Table du 11 au pays du Roi Soleil !

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Une cuisine d'anthologie pour Les Éditeurs

Adresse prisée des Germanopratins et du monde littéraire parisien, Les Éditeurs abritent un café, un restaurant et un salon de thé. Le restaurant a récemment réhabilité sa cuisine pour gagner en performance. Il a choisi Athanor !

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Over 70 starred restaurants are already equipped with an Athanor piano!

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Excellence and tailored for the individuals


With a background in the professional market and working with some of the greatest chefs – Athanor has created a specific range tailored to the individual for use at home – Alchemy by Athanor.


Created with the same level of quality and precision at its professional range Alchemy is a tailor made product designed for use in the domestic market. As with the professional kitchen cooking suites can be customized and built to suit the specific client requirements.

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Because you are unique, our products are unique.

Do not hesitate to contact us to challenge your perceptions and exceed your expectations...