Derived from the arabic and hebrew words for “furnace” – “at-tannûr” and “tanur” respectively – the word “athanor” emerged in western Europe during the Middle Ages. Alchemists used it to refer to a furnace or a kiln built to produce a steady and gentle heat over long periods of time.

At Athanor, we design and manufacture tailor-made cooking ranges and suites, and we pride ourselves on the two values that form our very signature: quality and precision. Born of over 100 years of experience, Athanor proudly carries its heritage of tradition and while we always strive for perfection, we also are on a perpetual quest for innovation.

Since we work very closely with the gastronomic restaurant community, we are able to keep an eye on trends and constantly adapt our products to the needs and wishes of our clients. We are proud that our products, all conceived and manufactured in our workshop in France, are more and more sought after by professionals, from young chefs to seasoned teams from the most renowned restaurants!

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Sneak a peek into kitchens using our commercial-grade cooking suites, from large brasseries to Michelin-starred restaurants and from themed-eateries to palaces…

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In order to offer all cooking enthusiasts tools worthy of the best, our cooking ranges can also be declined for individual homes.

Conceived with the same care and attention to detail as our commercial cooking suites, all Athanor individual ranges are made to measure upon request. Design, fuel type or colors, we design your stove for you, and with you!

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