Solar suite for “Le Présage”

This Tuesday we had the opportunity to attend the inauguration of restaurant Le Présage (Marseille), the first solar restaurant in Europe.

Under the leadership of Pierre-André Aubert, Le Présage is “a real place for research and experimentation with the food of the future”.


We are very proud to have been able to contribute to this major development for the industry with

the design, manufacturing and fitting of the Présage solar bespoke suite.

This new way of understanding and capturing energy combined with our vision of designing sustainable suites opens a few doors to a different future for our industry.

Because it is indeed the sun rays, captured and redirected by dishes imagined and created by Pierre-André, which come to power the suite redesigned by Athanor to operate with this unique source of energy.


Thank you and congratulations to:

  • Pierre André & Benjamin for their trust and constructive exchanges to carry out this unique project
  • The entire Athanor team for their involvement in the design and creation of this exclusive stove
  • Aix Marseille University for technical relay and research



June 18, 2024